Friday, 19 January 2018

#Jusjojan 19/1/18 - Darkness

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I'm not sure that many people would openly admit to liking darkness.  I didn't think I was afraid of the dark though until I was really plunged into total darkness in the darkroom hubby had set up in our first home.  I found it totally oppressive and was very relieved when he was able to put a light on.  My sister-in-law's house in France is the same - they have shutters on their windows and when they are down the bedrooms are in total darkness.  I have to lift the shutters just a fraction when we stay there.  It does explain why her babies always napped beautifully during the day - she would bring the shutters down and the poor babies must have thought it was night time!

I guess living in London, total darkness is a rarity.  There is so much ambient light.  We once went for a weekend stay in a hotel in a country area.  The village was very small and off the beaten track.  It also had no street lights.  We went out in the evening to walk up to the local pub to eat and realised we should have taken a torch.  It was really hard to see as it was a cloudy night so no moon visible.  It was a real eye opener in more ways than one. 

Friday's Fave Five - 19/1/18


Well it's Friday again so it's time to consider our blessings of the week.  Join in here at Susanne's site.

1.  Feeling almost back to normal.  I still haven't shifted the cough but I'm definitely beating the bug.  Thank for all the good wishes last week.

2.  Getting out for walks.  It's been cold this week but mainly dry so I've managed to get out each day.

3.  A visit to the hairdressers.  Definitely a good way of lifting you up when not feeling great.

4.  Trying out a new recipe.  As part of my 18 in 18 (18 things to do in 2018) I'm hoping to try out a new recipe each week.  I didn't do much of the cooking last week but I did cook a new recipe today - Braised pork with soy sauce and cinnamon.  I even managed to take a picture.  (Another aim for 18 in 18 is to take more pictures!)
It's made with pork, mushrooms, spring onions, garlic, ginger, dark soy sauce and cinnamon.  My DIL and hubbie enjoyed it but I felt it might be better with light soy sauce.  I served it with rice and mange tout.
5.  A visit from our eldest son, DIL and greyhounds.  They were here last weekend so it was good to catch up.  Our DIL has quite a growing "bump" and is definitly glowing now she's got past the morning sickness phase of pregnancy.  

So lots to be thankful for there plus I also got a few bits in a sale today.  One of the department stores in one of our nearby shopping centres is closing down.  I picked up some towels, a handbag and some wool.

Have a good weekend all.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Australia - Part 5 and #Jusjojan 18/1/18 (Revolt)

If you're here looking for the Revolt prompt of Jusjojan, bear with me and keep reading.

The final leg of our Australian tour took us from Sydney along the East coast as far north as Noosa and then home via Brisbane.

We picked up a different car this time in Sydney - a Toyota Kluger - another tank of an SUV.  It actually felt like there was more boot space than the Audi and you had to start it conventionally with a key.  So far so good. Oh but where is the parking brake?  Hmm let me take a few minutes to work that out.  Oh it's a tiny pedal above the foot brake pedal!  Different.  Ok.  Let me indicate we're leaving the parking lot. Oh, why are my windscreen wipers going?  Oh, the wipers and indicators are on opposite sides to what I'm used to.

Eventually we got on the road and headed north.  We followed the Pacific Highway stopping overnight in Nelson's Bay, then a tiny place called Mylestom, and then a couple of nights in Byron Bay.  We stopped off at places as we passed through too. 


Mylestom - river side

Mylestom beach

First swim

Byron Bay

Byron Bay


Merthyr Park History
Not a great picture of the history of Merthyr Park but it was interesting to me as my Dad was born in Merthyr Tydvil in Wales the same birthplace of Queensland's Premier Samuel Griffith who built his home in Brisbane in 1880 and named the area Merthyr.  It was a nice walkway along the river.


Of the places along this stretch of coast, Mylestom had to be my favourite and we found it almost by chance.  It nestles between the shores of the Bellinger river and the ocean.  It's a small place so very quiet and peaceful.

Byron Bay is much more touristy.  More spectacular beaches and a lighthouse that makes for a good hike.

One of the things we, coming from the UK which is of course small, don't realise until you're there is how big Australia is and how far it is between places.  We didn't actually clock our mileage (a note to self if we ever do another long road trip) but we must certainly have clocked up a lot!

Our final but one stop on our trip was Noosa.  We had 4 nights here in a fancy hotel which was great as we were able to relax and recharge the batteries.  Nathan also got to go for a swim in the pool and of course there was more lovely food.  It's lucky we were doing so much walking otherwise I would have gained pounds.

Then it was off to Brisbane for one final overnight stop before heading home.  We stayed in an area called New Farm which is an "affluent inner suburb".  It was certainly nice with a large park that was well frequented on the Sunday afternoon we were there.  We also visited what was once a power station but has now been turned into an arts centre known as The Powerhouse.  

Then all too soon it was time to take the long journey home.  I'd love to see more of Australia and New Zealand but the amount of time flying does put me off a bit.

But what of the revolt you're probably asking?  Well much as I enjoyed our trip I don't think I could live in Australia.  We didn't actually see any snakes, or any poisonous spiders but just knowing they could give me a nasty shock is enough to put me off.  And then there are the bugs.  As in very large cockroaches.  We didn't see too many of them fortunately but one did take a liking to my toothbrush as in it decided to sit on the brush head of my toothbrush one night.  That had me revolting.  No way could I put up with that.  I had to try very hard not to think about what else I might not have seen!

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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

#Jusjojan 17/1/18

So today Just Jot it January makes use of One Liner Wednesday.  For all the details of just what this is all about go here to Linda's site.

I spent so much time in contemplation about what to write yesterday, I never got around to posting!